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Your PHACON ENT Trainer includes the following components for the comprehensive and realistic training of operations:

1. Patient model

With its incomparable material composition, the anatomically detailed PHACON patient model reflects the diverse human tissue characteristics (such as bone, cartilage, muscle, skin, and nerves). The surgeon thus receives a haptic feedback which is comparable to the human patient, for a realistic surgical experience.

2. Head model

The PHACON head model uses the interchangeable PHACON patients. PHACON offers numerous patient models with different anatomies, pathologies, degree of detail and patient age. The head model can be adjusted comfortably (for the optimal patient position during surgery). The head model, is equipped for monitoring the operation with electronics and the holder of the surgical navigation camera.

3. Surgical Navigation

The integrated surgical navigation shows the surgeon the current position of his instruments in the CT dataset and the 3D image of the PHACON patient.

4. Notebook / Software

The PHACON training and navigation software on the supplied notebook allows comprehensive operation preparation and support. The CT datasets and the 360 ° rotatable 3D virtual model of the PHACON patient inserted in the head model are displayed automatically. The images of the CT layers can be displayed in the sagittal, axial and coronal representation with the desired contrast and brightness. In the 3D view of the model, the anatomical structures of the patient model can be faded in and out for orientation. Also the injuries of e.g. Nerves or blood vessels during surgery are displayed.

5. Instruments Marker-Set

With the help of the different markers all instruments can be navigated. The trainer automatically recognizes which patient you have clicked in and adjusts the content accordingly. Switch easily and quickly between different anatomies and age groups, demonstrate and practice various techniques everywhere and at any time.

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