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PHACON Throat Assistant

The 2-in-1 Solution

With our PHACON Throat Assistant, endoscopic examinations as well as numerous nasal procedures can be trained. After a simple "Click together", the endoscopy training can be performed with your flexible and rigid endoscopes and a variety of procedures with your own surgical instruments. In addition, the Throat Assistant is an effective marketing tool for manufacturers of surgical instruments and endoscopes.

For more than 10 years, sales and application specialists as well as medical companies worldwide have presented their products at trade fairs, workshops and congresses using this artificial patient.

International surgeons and surgical teams use it successfully for their own education and training of  their residents.

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Wide ranged applicability

The PHACON Throat Assistant consists of the following components:

PHACON sinus patient Meyer

• contained structures and landmarks
◦ Nasopharynx with Eustachian tubes
◦ landmarks: uncinate process, ethmoid bulla, flexible turbinates,
Torus tubarius, pharynx
◦ Sinuses: maxillary sinus, ethmoidal cells, frontal sinus, and sphenoid sinus
◦ Nerves: Nervus opticus
◦ Vessels: carotid artery and sphenopalatine artery
◦ Presentation of soft tissue: mucous membrane, pituitary gland, carotid artery, skin

PHACON Throat Patient "Peters"

• contained structures and landmarks
◦ mouth opening with tongue and teeth
◦ Larynx with epiglottis and vocal cords
◦ exchangeable uvula
◦ esophagus
◦ Stomach with Z-line

Train and demonstrate with the PHACON Throat Assistant, among others, the following training methods:

• Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
• Transnasal endoscopy
• Simulating swallowing motion
• Invert the endoscope
• Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
Transnasal and transethmoid access to the pituitary
• Orbital decompression
• Extension of the Eustachian tube

Depending on the application, you can flexibly decide between the route through the opening of the nose or the mouth.

With a simple click system, the sinus and throat model can be independently replaced, making the PHACON Throat Assistant a cost and performance efficient model.

Due to its dimensions, the supplied product case is ideally suited for transport in hand luggage on flights, for uncomplicated transport at trade fairs and congresses, and optimal storage when not in use.

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Choose your patients based on a variety of use-cases or anatomical specifications.