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PHACON Throat Patients represent an anatomical detailed replication of the human throat, esophagus and stomach. Based on a MRI data set of a real patient, the model is elaborated in full detail and with true-to-life soft material to imitate the natural properties of the larynx, esophagus and stomach. Important structures like epiglottis, vocal chords and cardia are included. Additional, PHACON offers a Throat Patient with a tumor in the area of the larynx as a special patient pathology.


New training possibilities in the field of endoscopy with the Throat Assistant Tuba auditiva.

The PHACON Throat Assistant Tuba auditiva offers training possibilities in the field of endoscopy.

Supplied components:

- 1 head
- 1 holding bowl for the head
- 1 PHACON Throat Patient "Peters" [PM-acm]
- 1 Uvula for PHACON Throat Patient "Peters" [PM-ae]
- 1 PHACON Sinus Patient "Meyer" [SN-aq]

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The 2-in-1 Solution

With our PHACON Throat Assistant, endoscopic examinations as well as numerous nasal procedures can be trained. After a simple "Click together", the endoscopy training can be performed with your flexible and rigid endoscopes and a variety of procedures with your own surgical instruments. In addition, the Throat Assistant is an effective marketing tool for manufacturers of surgical instruments and endoscopes.

For more than 10 years, sales and application specialists as well as medical companies worldwide have presented their products at trade fairs, workshops and congresses using this artificial patient.

International surgeons and surgical teams use it successfully for their own education and training of  their residents.

Product Details