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The PHACON Sinus Patients are artificial specimen to practice different surgeries on the sinuses. They are removed after the training session and can be replaced afterwards by a new model. This concept achieves a cost-saving course organisation, because only the PHACON Sinus Patient will be exchanged from the PHACON Sinus Trainer. To automatically detect injuries of risk structures, the models consist of electronics (electrical detection). The PHACON Sinus Patients make your courses and presentations easy and independent from location.
Your PHACON Sinus Patients can be reordered at PHACON any time.


The ideal preparation for nasal sinus and skull base surgery

The PHACON Sinus Training offers new, state-of-the-art opportunities in training of sinus and skull base surgery by the use of PHACON Sinus Patients of different anatomies. The haptic feel of a surgery with regular instruments can be learned.

The PHACON Sinus Training is designed for the training of:

- Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
- Transnasal and transethmoidal access to the pituitary gland
- Orbital decompression
- Optic nerve decompression
- Usage of navigation

PHACON offers a variety of different products and Trainer options to fit your needs:

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