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Temporal Bone

The PHACON Temporal Bone Patients are artificial specimens to practice different surgeries on the temporal bone, for instance a cochleostomy. They are removed after the training session and can be replaced afterwards by a new model. This concept achieves a econoimical course organisation, because only the Temporal Bone Patient will be exchanged from the trainer. To automatically detect injuries of risk structures, the models include electronics for electrical detection. The PHACON Temporal Bone Patients can be reordered at PHACON any time.

PHACON Temporal Bone

Almost life-like training of temporal bone surgeries

The PHACON Temporal Bone Trainer offers opportunities in training of middle ear and inner ear surgery by the use of PHACON Temporal Bone Patients of different anatomies. The haptic feel of a surgery with instruments can be learned and at the same time, orientation within the related patient CT-data in navigation software can be practiced. Injuries of structures of risk during the training session are detected automatically by the help of the connected software.

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