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The PHACON Head and Neck Assistant (Sku: S-00061) with the PHACON Patient “Kaiser” (Sku: NP-ba) offers opportunities in explaining and demonstrating the use of neuromonitoring. Find the detailed anatomical structuresin consisting of soft tissue on the right “surgical” side of Head and Neck Patient “Kaiser”, which offers a realistic access to the nerves. On the left “anatomical” side provides a comfortable overview and easier access to the monitored nerves.
The PHACON Head and Neck Assistant will be celebrating its premiere at the upcoming IFOS (24-28th June 2017) in Paris at the PHACON booth 3.09c. Here you can get comprehensive advice on our new product.

In our Onlineshop the PHACON Head and Neck Assistant is already available and with our anniversary offer of 10% again cheaper: Onlineshop