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What advances do individual models have to offer?

  • Significant relief of implant adaptation before the surgery on the model
  • Saving the subsequent operation time
  • Risk and complication minimization by optimal preparation
  • Confidence in the patient interview by demonstration on the model
  • Illustrate with the model in clinical conferences
  • Visualization of pathology and anatomical location relationships
  • Realistic haptic (bone-like material) and 3D spatial impression
  • Colored representation of areas
  • Rapid availability

Which materials are used for the models?

You can choose between different materials for your individual 3D model. PHACON offers an especially by PHACON developed, bone similar material (no plastic). This material has the same sawing-, milling- and drilling characteristics as real bone. Alternatively, the model can be produced from a plastic material (Polyamide). This offers good break resistance. It is heat and moisture resistant.

We can accent certain areas or structures of your model with color to highlight specific details. For more details on color printing please contact us.

I would like to use the models for trainee courses. Who shall I talk to?

Plan your course with your individual patient model for your assistant physicians and medical students. Contact us via email: or by phone: +49 (341) / 241 92 10. We look forward to your inquiry.

How does the order process work?

Through FTP-Transfer (within 2-4 working days)
We send you a FTP-link to connect you to your personal directory. Load the data in the the directory and we can instantly start to edit your files.

Through Post (within 3-4 working days)
Save your CT-data on a CD or USB-Stick and send it to:

Patient individual models
Karl-Heine-Strasse 15
04229 Leipzig

Through E-Mail (within 2-4 working days)
You send us your already segmented file (e.g. STL-file) as attachment in your E-mail to:

Express delivery
You can obtain your model on the next working day until 11:00 with an extra charge of 15,00 €.

Saturday delivery
You order your model on Friday until 13:00 and obtain it on saturday until 11.00. extra charge for saturday delivery 50,00 €.

Late delivery
You order your model after 13:00 and claim it on the following working day until 12:00. Extra charge for late delivery 50,00 €.

Further questions?
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via mail: or by phone: +49 (341) / 241 92 10. We are glad to answer all your questions and work personally with you on an individual offer.

Upload your CT data directly.