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Introducing IMMAST – our PARTNER-TRAINING CENTER in Mumbai, India

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We are very pleased to introduce our partner – training center IMMAST – Institute Of Medicaland Minimal Access Surgery Training in Mumbai, India.

IMMAST is a unique institute that is founded and managed by a visionary surgeon for surgeons and, with over 170 courses per year with participants from all over the world, is one of the best-known and most modern training centers. Various types of operations are taught and trained here by renowned surgeons – including the regular cochlear implant courses led by Dr. Milind V. Kirtane, who, out of conviction in our products, conducts his courses exclusively using PHACON petrous bone models.

In cooperation with dr. Kirtane we developed our PHACON Temporal bone patient “Mozart”, based on CT data of a 3-year-old child, which is optimally suited for the following interventions:

– usable for milling the mastoidectomy, the facial recess and the cochleostomy
– Placement of bone conduction implants
– Placement of middle ear implants
– Electrode insertion into the scala tympani (cochlear implant)

Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have counted 9 sinus assistants, more than 400 sinus patients and 140 petrous bone patients, with whom CEMAST surgeons have been able to impart their in-depth knowledge even more efficiently and informatively using our extremely realistic and high-quality models under uncomplicated conditions.

SPECIAL: Secure yourself a special course fee at IMMAST by mentioning the code word PHACON.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation and look forward to many more satisfied participants who will become even better with the help of our products.We are very happy to welcome our partner – training center IMMAST – Institute Of Medicaland Minimal Access Surgery Training in Mumbai to introduce India.

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